How To Unity 360 Video in 17 Steps

Versions & Packages

This 360 Video is done with the following Unity & Unity Packages Versions.

  • Unity Version 2019.1.1f1
  • Unity Post Processing Version 2.1.7
  • Unity Recorder Version 2.0.1 (Preview)

Synty Studios Sci-Fi City Pack


This prototype is done to test the capabilities and pushing the limits of Unity Recorder that is available in the Package Manager.

Note: This documentation is my own personal preference, you are free to test out other settings that might work with your project.
For more info you can check out Unity Recorder User Manual.


360 Video Settings

1. To download Unity Recorder go to Window > Package Manager
2. Install the Unity Recorder
3. Once installed, go to Window > General > Recorder > Recorder Window
4. Dock the newly opened Recorder Tab
5. In the Recorder Tab, click + Add New Recorders and choose Movie
6. For the Format choose MP4
7. Change the File Name and Path of your choice
8. Change the Capture settings to 360 View
9. For the Source make sure MainCamera is selected
10. For the 360 View Output, change it to 4096(W) x 2048(H)
11. For the Cube Map, set it to 2048
12. Make sure to uncheck Stereo
13. Capture audio can be checked depending on your desired output
14. Quality set to High
15. Press Start Recording
16. Wait for the animation to end and press Stop Recording
17. The output should be where you set as your Path

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