SPARK AR Patch to Script

This example is provided by Andrey Staroseltsev Facebook post that shows how to use the Spark AR Patch to Script editor.

Below are some useful examples :

Patch Editor / JavaScript Interoperability


AR Studio v38 now has an ability to have shared context between the Script and the Patch Editor.

It is now possible to read & write JavaScript signal variables from the Patch Editor and vice versa.



From the Script Inspector of AR Studio it is now possible to declare variables to be used in both Script & the Patch Editor for reading as well as writing.

– “From Script” variables allow to get (read) JS signals inside the Patch Editor by having a Producer patch.
– “To Script” variables allow to set (write) JS signals inside the Patch Editor by having a Consumer patch

Check out a video 🎬 attached to see this in action



Import the newly added Patches module in your script:

var P = require(‘Patches’);

Write to signals:

// Set a signal:
P.setBooleanValue(“boolVar”, boolSignal);
P.setScalarValue(“scaleVar”, scalarSignal);
P.setVectorValue(“vectorVar”, vectorSignal);
P.setPulseValue(“triggerVar”, eventSource);

// Or set a constant:
P.setBooleanValue(“boolVar”, false);
P.setScalarValue(“scaleVar”, 0.75);
P.setVectorValue(“vectorVar”, R.vector(-10, 20, -10));
P.setPulseValue(“triggerVar”, R.once());

Read from signals:

// Get a signal
var boolSignal = P.getBooleanValue(“boolVar”);
var scaleSignal = P.getScalarValue(“scaleVar”);
var vectorSignal = P.getVectorValue(“vectorVar”);
var eventSource = P.getPulseValue(“triggerVar”);

Full module documentation available here:…/api…/classes/patchesmodule

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