Creating a Button to Change Scene

In this simple tutorial, we will create a script that will allow you to attach it to any buttons to change to any scene.

Step 1

Create a script called ChangeScene.

  • To create a new C# Script, right click in the Project Panel
  • [Create > C# Script]

Step 2

Create an empty GameObject called SceneManager.

  • To create an empty GameObject, right click in the Hierarchy
  • [Create > Create Empty].
  • Rename the empty GameObject to “SceneManager“.
  • It is in best practice to reset the transform of the empty GameObject to the world origin.

Step 3

Attach the ChangeScene script to the SceneManager.

  • There are two ways to approach this:
  • 1. Click on SceneManager that you created and in the Inspector click on Add Component. In the search bar search for ChangeScene and click on it.
  • 2. Click on SceneManager that you created, and from the Project Panel, drag and drop the ChangeScene script to the SceneManager‘s Inspector.

Step 4

Edit the ChangeScene Script

  • Open the ChangeScene script by double clicking the ChangeScene script in your Project Panel.
  • Your Integrated Developement Environment (IDE) will load up.
  • Eg. Visual Studio, VS Code, MonoDevelop, etc.
  • Once your IDE has loaded it will look as below.

Add the following script. Make sure to include
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement as a part of your library on top.

Or you can copy the script below.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class ChangeScene : MonoBehaviour
public string SceneName; 
public void ChangeToScene()    

  • Save the script.

Step 5

Go back to Unity and your SceneManager should be updated as below.

Step 6

To test out the change scene script we have to add another scene aswell as a UI Button.

  • To create a new Scene, right click in the Project Panel, [Create > Scene]
  • Name the Scene as NextScene.
  • To create a UI Button, right click in the Hierarchy [UI > Button].
  • Set the transform of the button as follow.
  • You can also change the Text in the Button to “Next Scene” for example, make sure to size and align it accordingly.

Step 7

Add the functions for the button.

  • To add the functions for the button, scroll down the button and find the OnClick() function, click on the [+] icon and drag the SceneManager in the empty area.
  • Click on the No Function and find [ChangeScene > ChangeToScene()]

Now you have setup the button’s function.

Step 8

Assigning which scene to change to.

  • In your SceneManager, type in NextScene scene in the ChangeScene script’s properties.
  • NOTE: The text in your ChangeScene properties can be changed accordingly to which scene you want to change to depending on the scene.
  • Make sure to add the scenes that you want to change to in your Build Settings.
  • Go to [File > Build Settings] on the top left.
  • You can drag and drop the scenes that you want to change to from the Project Panel to the Build Settings’s Scenes in Build.
  • Run the scene and click on the button. You are now set to go.

Good luck!

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