Unity Hub and Unity Version 2019.2.14f1 Installation Guide

Note: Before you start, please Sign Up for Unity Account. Unity:https://unity.com/You also need to install Android Studio before installing Unity. (optional)Android Studio:https://developer.android.com/studio Download & Install Unity Hub from the following link. Click on the Green Button that says [Download Unity Hub]. https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download Once Unity Hub is installed. Open the Unity Download Archive in the following […]

Oculus Quest Build Using Unity 2019.1.6f1 + VRTK 4.0 + Oculus Integration 1.40

VERSIONS Unity Version : 2019.1.6f1 VRTK Version : 4.0 Beta Oculus Integraton Version : 1.40 NOTE This documentation was created as a guide to build a basic working application in Unity for the Oculus Quest using VRTK and Oculus Integration.This documentation was created as of September 2019 based on the Versions of Unity & SDKs […]

SPARK AR Patch to Script

This example is provided by Andrey Staroseltsev Facebook post that shows how to use the Spark AR Patch to Script editor. Below are some useful examples : Patch Editor / JavaScript Interoperability ———————————————————— AR Studio v38 now has an ability to have shared context between the Script and the Patch Editor. It is now possible […]

How To Unity 360 Video in 17 Steps

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vrCTIV0YGU Versions & Packages This 360 Video is done with the following Unity & Unity Packages Versions. Unity Version 2019.1.1f1Unity Post Processing Version 2.1.7Unity Recorder Version 2.0.1 (Preview) AssetsSynty Studios Sci-Fi City Pack Notes This prototype is done to test the capabilities and pushing the limits of Unity Recorder that is available in the Package […]